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Stay Powered Up All Day: Expert Mobile Phone Battery Replacement in Guwahati, Assam.

Battery issues on your phone will greatly impact your daily life. From day to night nowadays, people rely on their mobile phones for their livelihood. Mobile phones play an important role in our daily lives. A battery issue can pause many day-to-day activities. Get your phone a new life with the touch of The Keypad, a mobile repairing shop in Guwahati, and find a solution for all your battery-related problems.

Introduction: The Keypad is the best mobile repair center in Guwahati, Assam, with over 23 years of experience in the mobile repair field. We have solutions for all your queries about mobile repair; thus, we remain Assam's leading mobile repair center. You can trust us with your device being alive again. We make sure you have the best solution for your problems related to mobile repair. Our priority is offering a reasonable price for repairing your device with the utmost care and no compromise on the quality of the replaced mobile phone parts. Satisfying our customers and putting a smile on their faces through our excellent service has been our goal all along. Are you frustrated over your phone dying in the most crucial situation? Look no further; you are in the right hands. We have expert technicians who are the masters of mobile phone battery replacement services in Guwahati, Assam. With our team and our top-notch battery replacement service, we will make sure you are powered up all day. Whether you need a full battery replacement or simply an upgrade, the mobile repairing shop in Assam, has got you covered.

Why choosing the Keypad is your best decision for your battery replacement:

Expert Technicians: As the best mobile repairing shop in Guwahati, we are proud to say that our technicians are the reason for our incredible growth. Our technicians are highly trained to deal with various mobile phone repair issues for different brands of phones. They are skilled in this repair field through years of experience and have exact solutions for all your concerns and doubts. They will guide you on whether you need a full battery replacement or an upgrade. Our skilled experts are equipped with the skills and knowledge to replace your battery accurately, ensuring optimal and excellent performance. You can trust us to replace your battery with care and precision.

Quality battery replacement: The Apple service center in Assam, offers high-quality and genuine batteries from manufacturers to ensure the longevity of the battery replacement. We often check how compatible the battery is with your device to ensure optimal performance. Our replacement batteries are designed to deliver consistent and reliable power.

Quick turnaround: Since we recognize the significance of your mobile phone in your day-to-day activities, we frequently replace batteries quickly and accurately, allowing you to resume using your phone continuously. You can rely on us to finish the replacement as soon as possible to resume your regular activities without any delay.

Customer satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. The Apple service centre in Guwahati, prioritizes clear communication, reasonable pricing, and exceptional customer service to ensure a positive experience every time you visit. We value the feedback of our customers, and we make sure they leave with a smile. Our friendly technicians will guide you to make the best decision regarding your mobile phone battery replacement. They will clear up all your concerns and doubts regarding the repair. We provide a warranty for our service that makes our customers feel relieved and gives them peace of mind. You can come to us with your repaired mobile phone if there is an issue, even after the service.


  • Emergency battery solutions: Carry a power bank or portable charger for situations when immediate charging is not available.
  • Battery-saving tools and apps: When using your mobile phone continuously and you want to save battery life, try to switch to battery-saving mode, which can conserve the battery life of your phone to some extent.
  • Reduce screen time and continuous use: Trying to reduce the continuous use of mobile phones can save charge up to the maximum. Shooting videos, playing games, watching videos—these all may cause high battery drainage. Set a reminder to reduce screen time.
  • Reduce phone brightness: Using your phone at full brightness often leads to a low battery. Try to use your phone in dark mode to save battery life.
  • Disable location tracking: Your location tracking apps, like Google Maps, often consume a large amount of battery life on your phone. Disabling the location tracker apps can make your charge stable enough to use them for important times.

If your daily life is getting frustrated over a dying phone, the mobile repairing center in Guwahati has the solutions you are seeking. As the leading mobile repair centre, our goal is to make our customers happy to get their phones alive, and for that, we use all our skills and technologies to make it right. Our goal is simple and precise: to provide top-notch battery replacement with longevity and compatibility in Assam. In this rapidly changing industry, with the rapidly growing trends and advancements, we often make sure we are always a step ahead. Our skilled and expert technicians always make sure they know the latest innovations in mobile technology. The best mobile repairing shop in Assam provides services not limited to battery replacement, overheating solutions, slow charging fixes, diagnosing and identifying power-consuming apps, charging port repair or replacement, optimizing device performance, and rapid battery drain. Trust us to keep you powered all day to match your busy schedule by ignoring your battery worries.

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